Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides support to faculty, staff and students in the School of Oceanography. We are here to help you navigate all of the administrative procedures, as well as take advantage of all the university services.

We hope you find the information on this website useful. If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact us: Oceanography Administrative Service, Room 105, Ocean Teaching Building, 543-5060.

Building Managers

Kathy Newell, 3-6119
Marine Sciences Building (MSB)
Ocean Teaching Building (OTB)
Bill Fredericks, 3-2007
Ocean Science Building (OSB)
Old Oceanography Building

Conference Room Schedules

These rooms must be reserved through the Admin office, but you can view the calendars here:

Contact person for reservations and OSB key-card access: Su Tipple

The calendars for these rooms may be both viewed and signed up by anyone in Oceanography:

Campus-Wide Facilities Services
In an emergency call (206) 685-1411

Grants and Contracts

Our Grant and Contract coordinators are:
Maura Murphy, 115 OTB, 3-5188
Arleen Fabunan, 113 OTB, 3-5310

The University of Washington Grants and Contracts Office assists faculty, investigators and researchers with all aspects of grant management. This is a great place to start.


Our Oceanography Payroll coordinator is:
Lien Lai, 123 OTB, 3-5063

The University of Washington Payroll Gateway for Employees can supply answers to many questions and help guide you to a number of useful resources


Our Oceanography coordinator is
Su Tipple, 105 OTB, 3-5060. Need a printer friendly version? Click here for faculty, staff, or grad students; the download links are at the bottom of the far right column.

The University of Washington Campus Telephone System supports numerous services, including teleconferences, regional calling services and toll free systems.


Our Oceanography coordinator is:
Bill Nitsche, 17 OTB, 1-6607

From general public webcast online auctions to pickup and disposal, the University of Washington office of Property and Transport Services will deal with almost any item.


Our Oceanography coordinator is:
Su Tipple, 105 OTB, 3-5060

Before traveling on a UW budget you need to submit a Travel Request form. This serves as a reminder to you to obtain the necessary pre-trip documentation for over-maximum lodging costs, and gives the travel coordinator assurance that the documentation will be submitted with your receipts. Click the PDF link on this page under "Related Content" or click here.

To read the Oceanography Travel Policy, click the PDF link for the travel rules, on this page under "Related Content".
The UW Travel Office provides resources for all of your travel needs. Note that receipts are required for all non-meal expenses for foreign travel, and most non-meal expenses for domestic travel.

There's a Travel Worksheet you can use to help organize your receipts; just click the PDF link on this page under "Related Content" or click here.

Computers and Printers


Su Tipple, 105 OTB, 3-5060


Romeo Balagot, 104 OTB, 3-5089


Our Oceanography Purchasing coordinators are:
Chanthavy Manikham, 104 OTB, 3-4357
For information Specific to the School of Oceanography Purchasing Program

The University of Washington Purchasing & Stores offer numerous resources to assist with major purchases. Many general question may be answered with these useful resources.
Airgas Purchasers: Read the change in payment notice


Our Oceanography coordinator is:
Romeo Balagot, 104 OTB, 3-5089
For information specific to School of Oceanography mailing times and services available

Mailing Services at the University of Washington provides collection, processing, and distribution of internal campus mail, as well as incoming and outgoing U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail. It ensures University compliance with USPS regulations and any other University, local, state, or federal policies relating to mail service.

Express Packages

Romeo Balagot, 104 OTB, 3-5089
Budget numbers are required on all airbills. Airbills are available from Ocean Purchasing. Addresses for express and regular package deliveries:

Your Name
University of Washington
1501 NE Boat St
Marine Sciences Building, Room G
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 543-4357 (if phone number required)

Off-Campus Facilities

As of July 1, 2010, the use of off-campus facilities for meetings, conferences, retreats requires prior approval. If you are planning an off-campus meeting in the future, you need to ask for an exemption for off-campus facility rentals. If you already have an off-campus meeting planned, you STILL need to ask for an exemption for off-campus facility rentals, regardless of having a reservation on hold, a contract signed, deposit paid, or paid in full. The form is available: exemption request form. Frequently asked questions are answered in FAQ. The exemption request form MUST be signed by either Russ or myself and also requires Dean's office signatures. The Dean's office will submit the request to the UW Office of Planning and Budgeting, who will, in turn, submit the request to the State OFM Office.
TIMING: The State OFM Office requires receipt of the form at least 10 days in advance of the rental date. Plan for 18 WORKING DAYS MINIMUM processing time to get through the UW, to the state, and back to us with the final approval.