CAB Returning Scientist Cruise Planning

If you are a returning scientist to research vessel Clifford A. Barnes, below is a streamlined cruise planning time line for your use.

If you are a first time user of CAB, please contact the CAB Captain or the Port Captain to discuss your cruise and commence the planning.

Long Lead Time (greater than 6 months before the Cruise):
• Seek Canadian clearances if applicable

At least 60 days before the Cruise:
• Let the Captain know if there are any significant departures from your previous cruises.

At least 14 days before the cruise, complete and submit:
• An updated cruise plan
Individual Science Party Member Personal Data Form
• Ensure you inform the Captain of any science party member food allergies or required dietary restrictions.
• Have any new members of your science party review "What you need to know before deploying on a UW RV".

Day of Cruise during your mobilization, be prepared to complete the following once on board:
• Meet with the Captain and key crew to ensure all is ready to sail
• Science Party Safety, Security, & Familiarization Briefing

Upon Completion of the Cruise, complete and submit:
Post Cruise Assessment (external link)


Updated by Port Captain 2014 February 28