Marine Geology and Geophysics

The Marine Geology and Geophysics program at the University of Washington focuses on two primary areas of education and research.

Mid-Ocean Ridge Processes involves the examination of the flow of energy and materials from the Earth's interior, through the ocean crust and its associated hydrothermal systems, and into the deep sea. The School of Oceanography's proximity to the Juan de Fuca/Gorda Ridge system and Cascadia subduction zone provides ready access to an ideal natural laboratory for study of the active components of a geological plate. This local focus is complemented by additional work along the global mid-ocean ridge.

Marine Sediment Dynamics concerns the genesis, transport and accumulation of particulate material in the marine environment. Individual faculty members also pursue a number of research themes outside these two focus areas. Our approach to graduate student education builds on a solid academic foundation in the fundamentals of transport phenomena, fluid and continuum mechanics, geochemistry, and data analysis as a basis for understanding the geological processes within the marine environment.

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