OCEAN 497 Indigenous Science

Ocean 497 Indigenous Science

Ocean 497 Indigenous Science, co-taught by an oceanographer and an anthropologist (Sara Gonzalez), and cross-listed as Anthropology 369B "Special Problems in Anthropology".  

The question of how and in what ways humans have impacted climate and earth systems is at the forefront of current oceanographic, earth science, and anthropological research. In this co-listed Oceanography and Anthropology course, we will evaluate the frameworks and tools these disciplines use to understand the relationships humans share with their environment. Taking a holistic approach, we will explore the intersections between university based science disciplines and Indigenous knowledge and science. Using a series of case-studies from across the Pacific we will focus on examples where multiple approaches have increased our understanding of how the earth works or helped us better manage the challenges of a changing planet. Participants in the class will be eligible to apply for multiple paid summer undergraduate research opportunities that bring together climate science and anthropology to take place during Summer 2017.

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